💲Why Buy $SABER?

Saber Bot is more than just a trading platform—it's a thriving ecosystem powered by the $SABER token.

Understanding Revenue Allocation

Saber Bot applies a 1% trading fee to all transactions conducted within the platform, with the generated revenue strategically allocated for various purposes.

Revenue fees wallet: sei1kgs3wvquswgs6w09jmj8whs9mvxnkd6qrezqqt

Referral Fees (16%)

We allocate a generous 16% for referral fees to empower our users to expand the Saber Bot community. Your referrals not only foster growth but also increase trading activity, enhancing the overall demand for $SABER. Referral fees will be airdropped to affiliates on a weekly basis.

Liquidity Provision (36%)

A substantial 36% is allocated for liquidity provision on a weekly basis using the revenue generated. With deeper liquidity pool, this helps to provide better price stability to all $SABER traders and holders.

Buyback and Burn (20%)

Committed to reducing token supply, we allocate 20% for buyback and burn every week. As we buy back and burn tokens, the scarcity of $SABER increases, potentially leading to appreciation over time.

Trading Competition (8%)

Get ready for exciting trading competitions! With 8% allocated, we encourage active user participation and trading, potentially leading to increased transaction volume and $SABER appreciation. This will happen regularly when there is a good amount of prize pool.

Operating Expenses (20%)

Saber Bot's operating expenses cover critical day-to-day costs, ensuring ongoing development, customer support, security, marketing, administrative tasks and technology infrastructure.

How It Benefits You

User Incentives

Each allocation serves as an incentive for you to actively engage with Saber Bot. Refer friends, participate in trading competitions, provide liquidity, and stake $SABER to maximize your benefits.

Token Appreciation

The cumulative impact of these allocations contributes to the overall appreciation of $SABER. A balanced ecosystem is key to long-term value growth.


Please note that the allocation percentages outlined in this documentation are subject to change based on the evolving needs of the Saber Bot platform, market conditions, and user feedback. We commit to transparent communication and will provide updates on any adjustments to the allocation strategy. Your understanding and continued support are appreciated as we work together to build a robust and sustainable ecosystem.

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