Token Safety Check

Premium Feature for Saber token Holders

Note: This feature is currently in BETA, please report any inaccuracies to the team on Telegram.

Disclaimer: There are always ways for bad actors to bypass checks - use your discretion and never trade more than what you are willing to lose. The best check is and always will be common sense.

How to Unlock

Users who hold at least 100K Saber tokens in their SaberBot wallet will automatically unlock access to this feature.

Checks Explanation

Mint Cap


  • ✅ Mint Cap reached! No more mints can occur:

    • If the mint cap is reached, the minter cannot mint more supply at the current moment.

    • If the circulating supply falls below the mint cap (e.g., in the event of a burn), the minter can still mint tokens up to the mint cap.

    • Allows dynamic token supply within set parameters, especially when the minter is a smart contract.

CW20 Minter


  • 🛑 Mint Cap not reached! Mints can still occur:

    • Minter can mint more tokens above the current supply.

    • Best paired with the minter renounced check as assurance that there can be no further mints on the token.

Minter Renounced


  • ✅ Minter renounced!:

    • If the minter role is renounced, no more tokens can be minted, even if the circulating supply falls below the minting cap.

  • 🛑 Minter not renounced:

    • The minter contract still retains the ability to mint if the total token supply falls below the max cap (e.g., if tokens are burnt).

Contract Admin Renounced


  • ✅ Contract admin renounced!:

    • Contract admin has renounced their ability to migrate the contract to a new contract unilaterally.

  • ❗️ Contract admin not renounced. Contract might be migratable:

    • Contract admin is not renounced. This means that the contract admin may be able to migrate the contract to a new one unilaterally.

Liquidity Pool Tokens Burn


  • 🟢 LP burn XX.XX%

  • 🔴 LP burn 0.00%


Each individual check by itself does not inherently determine whether a contract is safe or unsafe. Use your own discretion and understand the motives behind why a contract admin might or might not have done something.

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